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Visa Instruction Sheet

Nature of Travel
Application Form
Photo “2x2”
Letter †
Copy of tickets or Itinerary
Vaccination Card
1(no glasses)

  • Hotel Reservation or Invitation Letter from a friend in Bolivia.

  • Copy of Bank Statement.

  • Visa Information :  Visa valid 5 Years from Issue date and you only can stay 90 days in a year. US Citizen only allowed to use the visa 3 times a year.

  • Submit your valid, signed U.S. Passport, must have at least 6 months remaining. WVT can assist with obtaining U.S. Passports, whether new issue, renewal, or obtaining additional visa pages for a valid passport.

  • A business letter (for business only) of responsibility is required, stating the nature of the business to be performed the name of the business reference to be visited, guarantee sufficient financial support for the visit, and guarantee return transportation to the USA.

  • The business letter (for business only) should be signed by a company officer other than the applicant. Typed on your company letterhead and addressed to:

Embassy of BOLIVIA
Visa Section, Washington, DC.

Visa Information

  • The Bolivian business visa is issued for a single entry within three months from date of issue, provided the passport remains valid, for stay of up to 30 days. Multiple entries are issued for business travelers on request.

  • The Bolivian Tourist Visa will be valid for five years since the date of issue and will permit entrance to Bolivia for a total of ninety days each year.

  • A Bolivian tourist visa holder will be able to use it for three times in one year for a total of ninety days.

  • Only in very special cases will the Bolivian immigration authorities extend the period of permanency over ninety days.

Consular Fee per Visa
$135.00 - Toursit Visa
$85.00 - Business Visa
Visas usually processed for 5 working days

Service Fee per Visa
Regular Process $45.00
Rush Process $70.00
Same-Day Process (if applicable) $90.00

If you have any questions, please call us in advance before you send it to us.
Return Postage :
1. Fedex Overnight :   $20.00 - $25.00
2. Fedex 2nd Day : $15.00
3. USPS Express Mail : $18.00
4. USPS Certified Mail : $7.00 (3-10 business days)
5. Courier Service : Call us for the fees !

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The requirements and fees associated with the processing of passports and visas can be changed without notice at the
digression of World Visa Travel. Modifications consist of processing procedures, application forms, embassy consular fees and
documentation necessary for visa issuance. World Visa Travel will not be held responsible for any such losses or delays related to the changes mentioned above

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